Self build housing plots don’t always come with utilities already pre-installed. WELLBANK PARK is a ‘build-ready’ site, fully serviced with the necessary utility services for plot owners to move straight ahead with their custom house build.  With that in mind,  we reached an important milestone on-site this week with the water mains and power utilties being laid down.  United Utilities came to lay the water mains, while Aptus have been working on the electricity connections going into the housing plots throughout the whole site. 

Self Build Made Easy

For our existing plot owners already in the process of creating their custom-build homes, this is a significant stage in the development of the site. For new buyers looking to reserve a  housing plot with us,  they can be reassured that WELLBANK PARK already has these facilities in place and is something that they will not have to worry about and organise for themselves.
Water and Electricity installed at Wellbank

Sustainable Energy

As a sustainable housing development, there is a minimum requirement at WELLBANK PARK for 30% of energy to be generated from renewable resources. While all of our current house builds have Solar PV Panels installed, the mains electricity will provide a valuable back up resource to support their energy supply. 

Renewable energy from Ground Source Heat Pumps are also being installed at WELLBANK PARK to generate power as part of the wider development of the site.
Solar Panels at Wellbank Park Sustainable Housing Development
Self Build Solar Panels on Plot8