As we lead up to our CUSTOM BUILD OPEN DAY AT WELLBANK PARK (18th May), this week has seen some great progress on-site. Landscaping at the custom build development has evolved while some of our self-build homes have seen some exciting activity. There are plenty of new features coming to life!


With a decent spell of dry weather our on-site landscaping team have begun extending the swales and community pathways that run through the centre of the development.

The swales are broad, shallow vegetated channels designed to store and convey water runoff. These are a crucial element in the way that the site will develop as a sustainable, biodiverse living environment. The paths will allow the community to wander through Wellbank Park and truly feel that close connection to nature.

Having completed the first round of tree planting, West Lakes Tree Services will be returning in October to plant further trees when the ‘tree planting window’ will open once again.

Wellbank Self Build Swales Development


Phase 1 now has its resplendent tarmac roads extending from the site entrance up to and around the housing plots. A family run business, Cumbria Surfacing based in Wigton, have done a great job and we are delighted with this important part of the site infrastructure.

With the roads in place, we are now able to open up the new entrance of the site to the public.

Wellbank Self Build - Tarmac Road
Wellbank Park Self Build Development - Roads Laid


One of the key benefits of the self-build process is that you have the opportunity to choose every element of your fixtures and fittings. The kitchen is one of those areas where custom build homeowners take great delight in designing how they want this important area of the home to look and function.

With that in mind, were delighted to see Lakeland Kitchens on site this week at Plot 15 to undertake final measurements for our self-builders’ lovely new bespoke kitchen before it gets manufactured.  We’re very much looking forward to following the progress on the kitchen build and seeing the end result!

Kitchens at Wellbank Self Build
Kitchen meauring up at Welllbank Self Build


Our Plot 8 residents have chosen Solar Photo Voltaic Panels for their renewable energy generation. The team from ELeck Energy have been on site this week fitting the solar trays in preparation for the solar panels being installed.

Harnessing the power of sunlight, these robust panels are designed to generate energy even on cloudy days. As well as allowing the owners of Plot 8 to generate their own power free of charge, it will be done without emitting any greenhouse gases or pollution into the atmosphere. Any surplus energy generated can be returned back to the grid.

And …It’s a great view from up there!

Self Build Solar Panels on Plot8

If you are interested in reserving a plot for a custom-build home at WELLBANK PARK CONTACT OUR TEAM today.