Energy Solutions and Low Cost Living

Worried about the rising cost of living? Wellbank work with Hugr Homes to custom-build low cost and energy efficient houses at Wellbank Park using cutting edge technologies: solar power, heat pumps, LED lighting, battery storage and heat storage for renewable energy. Read on to find out how you can keep costs down using energy solutions when custom building your dream home.

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Solar Power

We use solar power at Wellbank to build low cost and energy efficient homes. Our Solar PV panels, from Extreme Low Energy, are cheaper than solar thermal and require no ongoing maintenance, providing £200v- 250 p.a free hot water for the average house occupier. A direct current of energy from the solar panels is converted into heat without loss and is fully independent from the national grid network. These solar panels offer the cheapest energy storage solution possible!

LED Lighting

LED lighting from  Extreme Low Energy helps to reduce energy bills at Wellbank without reducing the quality of light in your home. LED lighting is low cost, energy efficient, flexible and movable. Light switches can be installed and moved easily and at any time, they have WifFi functionality and can be remotely controlled via internet, voice control and smartphones. Even better, they can be fed directly from our Solar Power PV units!

LED Lighting

Heat Pumps

We’re all about ‘green energy’ at Wellbank and use three types of heat pumps: air, ground and water. Heat pumps are a fantastic renewable energy alternative to boilers which keep costs low and efficiency high.

Air Source Heat Pumps

We use air source heat pumps from Global Energy Systems – as the most popular kind of heat pump, they work by transferring outside air into hot water which is pumped around your home via radiators and underfloor heating. By using natural resources, air source heat pumps create more energy from the outside air than the electricity they use – this is why they are a great way to save money and look after the environment at the same time.

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Ground Source Heat Pumps

Ground source heat pumps from The Kensa Group are another low cost and energy efficient technology which we use at Wellbank. By absorbing natural heat from the ground, which is transferred into hot water, they can be 400% efficient (that’s more than quadruple your average boiler) and they are environmentally friendly thanks to their low carbon emissions. They’ll keep you warm through winter and, like air source pumps, they deliver more energy than they use so they are very cost effective.

water source

Water Source Heat Pumps

We also use water source heat pumps from The Kensa Group, which extract heat from bodies of natural water – such as the large ponds on the Wellbank site – and is converted into energy to heat the hot water and rooms in your home. Water holds heat particularly well, so this is often the most efficient type of heat pump, although it does require a large amount of water to work.

Above image captured by Stephen Leece

Battery Storage

Wellbank uses Battery Storage, or Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS), from Multi Source Power to store energy from renewable sources – such as solar panels and heat pumps as mentioned above. These battery storage systems also include an emergency charge function and allow your dream home to be completely off the national grid, significantly reducing energy costs, maximising green energy and enabling low cost living.

Battery Storage

Heat Storage

Heat Storage, or Thermal Energy Storage, saves money and energy at Wellbank by storing excess heat for later – for example it may save energy from the warmer day time to heat your home at night, or save heat from summer for a warm house in winter. This is a great way to make the most of our renewable resource, which often produce more than our houses need, while keeping the bills down especially during the colder months.

low cost living energy solutions
Living Well - Wellbank Park Sunset by Stephen Leece

Image Captured by Stephen Leece

Why Wellbank?

We work with custom-build specialists Hugr Homes to build low cost and energy efficient homes using the cutting edge technologies mentioned above.

Set in the stunning Lake District and West Coast setting, with a train station 1 mile away and a community hub on-site, Wellbank is the perfect place to custom build your dream home. Find out more about living at Wellbank here.

Help To Build

The government’s Help To Build scheme makes it that much cheaper and easier to custom build a low cost and energy efficient home at Wellbank. Find out more here.