Buying a plot and building your dream home can at first appear daunting. However at WELLBANK PARK our custom build approach is easier than you think. In this blog we have compiled some questions frequently asked by people equiring about plots. 

What is custom build?

On Wellbank Park it means you buy your chosen plot within the 12-acre site. Then with help from our partner Hugr Homes you begin designing the house design that works for you. All the hard work and stress is taken away from you.

What is the difference between custom build and self-build?

A lot of work! with a custom build home you are in the driving seat of designing the home you want whilst working with HUGR Homes who have access to architects, designers, builders, mortgage advice and legal advice. You don’t have to worry about planning permission, utilities or roads we have done that for you. Its all within the plot price.  Self-build means you are on your own. Once have secured the land you need to obtain and manage all the planning permissions, architectural drawings, utilities and infrastructure.

What are serviced plots?

All our plots are serviced plots. It means your plot has services namely utility connections; electricity, water, broadband etc and access from the highway is taken care of.

Who are Hugr Homes?

Hugr Homes is our custom build partner for WELLBANK PARK. Joe Higginson will help you through the whole process choosing your plot, buying the plot, choose your house type, introduce our nominated contractor and visit your home throughout construction. Find out more about the process here.

I know nothing about building does that matter?

Not at all because we have all the knowledge and expertise you need to make your dream home a reality.

Will I need planning permission?

No. In April 2024 we were granted full planning permission for 50 residential homes on Wellbank Park.

Do I need a special mortgage?

Not necessarily. Hugr Homes will help you with this and works with a specialist mortgage provider.

How would I control the cost?

You are always in control of costs. We can advise on the cost of constructing your home timber frames, windows & doors, roofing, staircase, heating, insulation, and the cost of interior design a such as kitchens and bathrooms.

How do I go about finding out more about buying a plot on Wellbank?

Contact Joe Higginson at Hugr Home email: or call: 07540 754153

Or if you would like to speak to the WELLBANK PARK’s co-owner email or call: 07768 761470