As part of our Open Day last week, we were delighted to be joined by David and Gill Watson who last year became WELLBANK PARK’s first plot owners and custom home builders.  While visiting the development, the couple were also kind enough to spend some time with site co-owner Janet Nuttall, to share their experience of the custom-build process and insights into their decision to move to this incredible part of the country.

With plans to complete their build and move in over the summer months, this series of short video clips we hope will provide our readers with a brief ‘insider’s view’ on the custom-build experience at WELLBANK PARK.


With just months away from moving into your new custom-build home, how has the whole experience been?

 “It’s been great really…..things like arranging for the the electricity supply, the water supply…. the roads that’s all here to start with”

Custom build at WELLBANK PARK means that you are fully supported through the whole process of building your home by our custom build partner Hugr Homes.  You have the flexibility to purchase a home off plan and then customise your property to your own preferred specifiation. Learn more

How did you find working within the Lake District National Park design code, was that easy to work with?

“Yes!…..and it saved us the bother of having to go to planning…and employing an architect …the cost of Flemings worked out something like a tenth of what you could have paid for an architect.”

WELLBANK’s timber frame partner Fleming Homes’ offer a wide choice of housing plans that are already designed to fit within the Lake District National Park’s guidelines. Beyond this, there is also a good degree of flexibility to then reconfigure and customise your design to suit your specific requirements. Learn more

Cost-wise for the project, how have you found it compares with if you were to build your own self-build house?

“We now have a turnkey option for the cost of managing it ourselves”

As well as taking the time, hassle and complexity out of building your own house from scratch, custom-build at WELLBANK PARK is considerably more cost-effective. We can even help with the self-build mortgate application process. Learn more

And what made you choose a plot at WELLBANK PARK?

“It was absolutely the view that swung it” 

In the heart of the WELLBANK PARK community, nestled between the Black Coombe Fell and the coastline, the Watson’s new home at Plot 15 is set within a beautiful part of the south Cumbria landscape. Learn more

Plot 15 Wellbank Park - Mr & Mrs Watson copy



Living Well - Wellbank Park Sunset by Stephen Leece