It’s been all about energy efficient technologies this week at WELLBANK.  The site has seen a lot of work on the internal spaces in the houses being built. Only the roofers were having to brave the unsettled weather outside.

Sustainable living with green energy efficient technologies

Sustainability is at the heart of the philosophy for WELLBANK PARK. There is a target set by the National Park for 30% of the energy source for each house to be renewable. This is easily exceeded by using a whole range of energy efficient technologies including Solar Panels, Air Source Heat Pumps and a Heat Recovery System.

This Saturday 13th April our custom housing guru Joe Higginson will be on-hand at the Sales Hub to show visitors around so you can see the site for yourself. 

Wellbank Park Self Build
Wellbank Park Custom Designed House

All the houses on site are well insulated and made as airtight as possible to optimise their energy efficiency. The image on the left shows inside the house frame which is normally hidden from view. Generous layers of thick insulation and silver membranes will help keep the house super-airtight. The wide grey pipes that can be seen on the right hand side are part of the innovative Heat Recovery Ventilation system.

When designing all our houses we look for ways to maximise energy efficiency of our custom build homes to minimise energy consumption and save on heating costs. HRV systems can increase the energy efficiency by recovering up to 95% of the heat energy.

The Air Source Heat pumps take in the air from outside and feeds it into the central heating system. The model you see here involves laying the heated pipes under the floor throughout the house.  This means there is no requirement for radiators throughout the house, freeing up the walls for homeowners to use them how they wish. This method of heating also results in a more evenly dispersed heating system.

Self Build - Wellbank Park

Whilst the weather is calm and dry slate is being added to the roofs. As you can see solar panels with battery storage have been fitted by Eleck Energy  and then slates are then added around the panels.

Beautiful slate roof tiles

To comply with the design code all our roofs have to use slate. Which we think you’ll agree does look fantastic and sympathetic to the Lake District architecture. Luckily for us we are only a few miles from Burlington slate quarry and our home owners are using their beautiful deep grey slate tiles.

If you are interested in reserving a plot for a custom-build home at WELLBANK PARK CONTACT OUR TEAM today.

Burlington Slate at Wellbank Park