We were delighted today to welcome BBC Radio Cumbria’s Jennie Dennett to WELLBANK PARK.  

Jennie is a journalist from BBC Radio Cumbria who visited us somewhat unexpectedly yesterday. Co-owner of the sustainable housing development, gave an impromptu interview about what is going on at the site and the latest developments that are happening here.  The interview will be aired on Tuesday 2nd April on the Mark Zeller Breakfast Show sometime between  7.00am and 9.00am – so we invite you to listen up!

Janet Nuttall Co-owner of Wellbank Park, Cumbria is interviewed by Radio Cumbria

Jennie was able to see some of the landscaping and utilities work that we have going on just now on-site.  Some long and deep trenches have now been dug along the middle of the main road to make way for the water mains electricity and telecommunications cabling.

While it appears on the surface that we are undoing some of the good siteworks we’ve done already, this is in fact a big step in getting the site fully serviced for the utilities for our future plot owners..

Sustainable Living at WELLBANK PARK

The trench we have created that will lead on to the lake is part of our District Green Energy design.  This innovative sustainable energy systems works with a pipe which will be laid under the water and will act as a heat exchange. This will form part of the heating system for the Community Hub and Holiday Cottages.

Utilities trench being created at Wellbank Park
District heating being created at Wellbank Park
Plots for Sale at Wellbank Park

As we sit here today on-site at WELLBANK PARK with the brooding Black Coombe Fell behind us, its certainly feels like winter again.  It’s cold and the heater is again on the maximum setting in the Sales Pod, but its not raining and there is sufficient sun to keep solar panels working.

We would very much like to wish all our readers a very Happy Easter. We hope you enjoy the holiday weekend!