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Can you imagine living in a neighbourhood teaming with life? Birds flitting between tree branches that are heavy with colourful fruit. Butterflies dancing on fragrant flowers, and a gentle buzz of bees filling the air. Sounds idyllic?

This is the reality of living in a biodiverse landscape and its more important than you might think. It’s not just about having pretty plants and interesting animals. A biodiverse landscape is like a well-oiled machine, where every creature plays a crucial role. And it includes all living things, including bacteria, plants, fungi, insects, animals and humans.


In these environmentally fragile times, maintaining and developing biodiverse landscapes are vitally important. Here’s why.

  • A Natural Buffet: A diverse range of plants provides food for a wider variety of insects and animals. This keeps populations in check and prevents outbreaks of pests.
  • Clean Air and Water: Plants act as natural filters, removing pollutants from the air and water. The more diverse the plant life, the more effective this filtration system becomes.
  • Climate Champions: Biodiverse landscapes are better at storing carbon dioxide, a major greenhouse gas. This helps regulate the climate and combats climate change. According to the UN, maintaining a strong and natural biodiversity in our landscapes is our strongest natural defence against climate change.

  • Resilience in the Face of Change: A diverse ecosystem is more adaptable. If one species is affected by disease or drought, others can take up the slack, ensuring the overall health of the environment.

Beyond these practical benefits, biodiversity enriches our lives. The beauty of nature has a calming effect, reducing stress and improving mental wellbeing. The sounds of birdsong and the sight of buzzing bees are a constant reminder of the wonder of the natural world.


Planting at Wellbank Park


wNestled between the wild Cumbrian fells and its unspoilt coastline, as a former MOD site, the immediate locality was for many years bereft of biodiversity. However, this is changing fast. A central objective for the development of WELLBANK PARK has, from the very beginning, been to re-establish the natural beauty of the site. Our aim is to create a living environment that would re-establish the area’s original biodiversity and positively enhance well-being for the community that will be living there. 

And this work has already begun. The addition of two small lakes, an orchard, wildflower meadows and water swales are already bringing WELLBANK PARK back to life, and it’s a delight to see it evolve and grow.

In a world facing environmental challenges, biodiversity is not a luxury, it’s a necessity. By embracing the variety of life around us, we aim to create thriving neighbourhood for homeowners and future generations.

One of WELLBANK PARK’s co-owners Janet Nuttall, positioned in front of one of site’s water swales to tells us more about the biodiversity work happening at the development.


Tree Planting at Wellbank Park
Wellbank Plum Trees