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WELLBANK PARK’s innovative Sustainable Drainage System (SuDS), designed by 2B Landscape Consultancy has been recognised for an Award by its industry body CIRIA  (Construction Industry Research and Information Association.)  With people, landscape and sustainability always central to our ambitions for WELLBANK PARK, we couldn’t be more delighted with this wonderful news.


Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS) are designed drainage features which mimic the effects of natural drainage systems, by temporarily storing rainwater close to where it falls, then slowly releasing it.

For WELLBANK PARK, implementation of a SuDS system has been integral to the sustainable development of the site. The surface drainage features, which include a network of biodiverse swales, will lead residents to two beautiful biodiverse attenuation lakes which lie adjacent to the Community Hub that will form the beating heart of the WELLBANK community

This video from 2B Landscapes explains how it works:

The SuDS system is important to reducing the rate of water run-off by integrating surface water management directly within the site. This means storm water does not have to be managed ‘downstream’ which could lead to flooding issues.

As well as providing a focal point for residents the lakes will also make a significant contribution to the overall ecology of the site and will be an integral part of the site-wide SuDS strategy.

Wellbank Sustainable Drainage - Feature Image


We are proud to be leading the way for Cumbria with the use of the SuDS system in a mixed housing development with its unique features. One of these include shallow highway crossings that will enable the swales and lakes to operate as close to the general surface level as possible, for safety, functionality and amenity.

Landscape 2B has also challenged conventional piped drainage techniques and worked closely with the project engineers to develop a system for keeping swales as attractive shallow features that  reduce the number of underground pipes required.

SuDS underground drainage


In line with our inclusive design strategy for the site, the SuDs system will also incorporate long ramps to provide access to the lower pond terraces. This will allow everyone to share the experience of being near the water. The swale and path network has been carefully developed to work with the sloping topography of the site and prioritises accessible active travel connectivity.

Sustainable Drainage Swales at WELLBANK PARK

More details of how the SuDS systems has been ceated can be found on 2B Landscape Consultancy’s website